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Since the clock is ticking, ASLIS2014 is ready to recruit team members, and you are sincerely invited to join the program. Visit our website now to be a part in ASLIS2014!

ASLIS2014 Official Website Online
A major announcement for all: the official website of ASLIS2014 is now up and running! The website provides up-to-date news and in-depth information about ASLIS2014, along with vivid illustrations depicting Taiwan's agricultural life in the earlier years. This newly launched website is highly commended to all who wish to learn more about ASLIS2014.

Six Learning Sites Chosen
Reflecting the rich variety of the agricultural industry, the concept of "From Farm to Fork" has been incorporated into the program to highlight the diversity of the agriculture industry. Six learning sites were thus carefully selected to showcase the value chain of agricultural development in Yilan, from smallholders' farmlands to local platforms to terminal markets.

"From Farm to Fork" literally describes the process of development from farmlands to the markets and ultimately to the consumers. Each stage of the process encompasses a range of possibilities for development and industry value. In all, they represent the relationships as well as problems in the value chain. By categorizing the six learning sites into farmlands cultivated by smallholders, local sales platforms and commercial terminal market channels, participants can acquire a thorough understanding of these stakeholders' agricultural development while identifying customers' needs and expectations of the "food" on their forks. It is hoped that "From Farm to Fork" would serve as a catalyst for participants to discover innovative design opportunities to achieve the objective of sustainable agriculture.


Miss Lai Ciaoyan

Friendly Life Shop

Xingjian Organic Dream Farm

Market Channel
Jiaosi Townlan Mall

Market Channel

Go Green in Yilan Green Expo
Yilan has organized the Green Expo in the recent decades to raise awareness towards environmental sustainability. Building on the important concepts featured in previous events, the theme for 2014 Green Expo, "Discover the New Value of the Land", features the healthy and sustainable lifestyle via interactive experiential approaches. Along with the greenery facilities, educational activities and informative speeches, the Green Expo draws the visitors back to nature and invite them to reconsider their relationship with the land.

Overview of the section: Smiling Trive

Demonstrating area functioning as greenhouse and kitchen