On the first day, ASLIS2014 will take participants to visit the Yilan Green EXPO. The Yilan Green EXPO combines the characteristics of Yilan's local agriculture to express its unique future. The theme of this year's Green EXPO is "Bringing Yilan's organic life home," to mainly show Yilan's high-quality living environment, LOHAS lifestyle, and concept of sustainable development, corresponding to the ASLIS2014 theme this time. Besides visiting the Green Expo, the ASLIS2014 will also invite experts in this field for lectures and forums so that participants can have an overall understanding of Yilan's local agriculture and development through this opportunity, and inspire innovations through exchanges and conversations with the experts.

The second day we will hold the initial "discover" itinerary through the value chain of "from farm to fork". In the morning, the participants will go to the farm to experience harvesting produce to gain the knowledge of how farmers plant, care for, and harvest produce; then they will go to local Yilan markets to observe produce sales, and purchase ingredients, and personally comprehend the ideas and decision-making processes of the customers. Finally, at lunchtime they can enjoy the fresh produce and ingredients from the morning. In the afternoon, an expert forum will be held and participants will hold discussions through exchanges and sharing. After the forum, the facilitators will share research results from the initial stages of the various fields. At night, we will invite the shareholders in each learning field to have dinner with the participants and prepare for the in-depth discovery process the next day through their discussions.

On the third day the participants will divide into groups and go to the learning fields of choice to "discover & define" needs and problems. Every group will visit, experience, and have exchanges and interviews with the local tourists or residents at their selected location, and continue to have discussions with the stakeholders to gain in-depth understanding of their needs and expectations, and the difficulties and challenges they face to find design direction and opportunities for innovation.

From the morning of the fourth day to noon of the fifth day will be the "develop" stage. The participants will move to the Yilan County Government and start to brainstorm and realize their ideas, and ASLIS2014 also will invite the stakeholders there during certain periods to give the participants feedback, so the design proposal can fulfill actual needs and the possibility of implementation can increase. Finally, in the afternoon of the fifth day we will hold result presentations in the "deliver" stage. The participants will make presentations through design concepts and prototypes. This course will also invite the stakeholders to come to listen and discuss, and explore future opportunities for cooperation, in hopes that the best local examples of "Co-creating Innovative Experiences in Sustainable Agriculture" can be accumulated in Yilan.