What is the Asian Smart Living International School?
The Smart Living International School Initiative was launched through the work of the Talent Cultivation Program for Smart Living Industry, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. (Taiwan), aimed to promote innovation in smart living by bringing together a number of leading international researchers and scholars who were working on the themes of smart living education, smart living technology, living lab methodology, interdisciplinary research and projects, and international collaboration in the realm of smart living.

The Smart Living International School targeted masters-level postgraduates who intended to enhance their cross-cultural experiences and smart living innovation. This International School served as a leading showcase and a major platform for Smart Living education. Throughout the duration of the program, the existing experiences and innovations produced outside the country were collected and diffused throughout Taiwan, as well as adapted for local use.

2014 Asian Smart Living International School
The "2014 Asian Smart Living International School (hereafter ASLIS2014)" held in 2014 will focus on the following three points:
  1. ASLIS2014 is a breakthrough from former traditional education and will focus on everyday life to explore human needs through the methods and implementation of service design thinking. In addition, in order to build a comprehensive Living Lab structure, ASLIS2014 will also include the participation of local industries and community/organizations in the co-creation process.
  2. Through the theme "Co-creating Innovative Experiences in Sustainable Agriculture", the ASLIS2014 participants can gain deeper understanding of smart life issues and increase smart life related knowledge by interdisciplinary and transnational design implementation.
  3. The introduction of industry and international academic resources can allow the curriculum design to be more diverse and practical and allow the ASLIS2014 participants to participate in international industry and academic cooperation.
Therefore, following the "2011 Asian Smart Living Summer School" and "2012 Asian Smart Living International School (ASLIS2012)" programs, ASLIS2014 continues to allow transnational and interdisciplinary experts and students to cooperate in on-site surveying and experiencing so that in the process, the ASLIS2014 participants can increase the knowledge and abilities needed for constructing a new international smart life. In addition, to allow the course design to be more sophisticated, innovative methods will be implemented from three aspects at ASLIS2014. First of all, we will cooperate with famous service design company "dreamvok." We hope that through their participation and guidance, the workshop can better respond to industry needs, and education methods and toolkits that will improve smart life international education can be established. Second of all, besides inviting professional mentors who have participated in this event in the past, for the first time a local government (Yilan County Government) will participate in the design theme: "Co-creating Innovative Experiences in Sustainable Agriculture," in hope that this program can be successfully implemented in the local area and gradually become a local model for smart life construction. Finally, through social welfare design platform "5% Design Action," domestic Taiwanese designers were recruited to create designs according to this theme so that transnational industry and academic cooperation could be achieved. Therefore, initial planning and designs are as follows:
  1. Focusing on international issues of smart life and strengthening the abilities of smart life related fields in Taiwan, to be in line with international development trends.
  2. Through preliminary studies, ASLIS2014 will survey Living Lab teaching fields to strengthen the links to domestic smart life development.
  3. Integrating domestic interdisciplinary research and teachers, and applying the methods of Living Labs, service design, and active learning environment to international smart life education to enrich the curriculum.
  4. Combining the public sector and industrial resources in Taiwan and allowing enterprises to moderately participate in the curriculum; thus allowing the Living Lab structure to become more comprehensive and also helping the promotion of the local development of related industries. Moreover, after the workshop, the local members will be counseled in how to implement the results and create smart life locally.
  5. Integrating the resources of the local government, local industry and private groups to develop smart life education, in order to strengthen the effects of the Living Lab in local development.
  6. Inviting the best local designers in the industry through a social welfare design platform to focus on the same design topic as the international designers in ASLIS2014 to achieve interdisciplinary learning.

ASLIS2014 will be held from May 7th-11th, 2014. Participants are required to attend all sessions.

Program Office of Talent Cultivation Program for Smart Living Industry

• 5% Design Action
• dreamvok
• Yilan County Government
• Institute of Yilan County History
• Industrial Technology Research Institute
• CongManLiXiang
• Yanming Agriculture
• Dongshan Friendly Life Shop
• Xingjian Organic Dream Farm
• Jiaosi Farmer’s Association

Ministry of Education, Taiwan (R.O.C.)